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I work at NPR. Among other things, I'm responsible for the Huddle, where me and some other NPRians tumble media about race, ethnicity and culture.




At long last, here’s the Facing Race panel I moderated back in November, on the intriguingly unresolvable intersection of comedy and social justice/responsibility. Do your best to ignore the mumbling underqualified white guy who won’t shut up and enjoy the hilarious geniuses (and here’s an mp3 version if you prefer):

this is a really, really awesome panel, well worth a listen.  and not just because there’s a nod to Little Known Black History Facts—but because there are really smart and funny people talking about really smart and funny things and race and racism and Channing does a kick ass job running the show. 

and also bc there’s a nod to Little Known Black History Facts.  :-D  WATCH IT

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